Josh Emett Master Chef NZ, madam woo queenstown

Masterchef Josh Emett | Madam Woo

I have worked with Josh Emett a few times for magazine shoots. This was job was shot at Madam Woo, just after it had opened it Queenstown. It was for an editorial piece in Woman’s Day where Josh Emmet did a short tutorial on how to cook Madam Woo’s famous Hawker rolls with Sarah Kate Lynch. The kitchen set up at Madam Woo is long and narrow which makes it harder to use the big profit gear so I lit it with speed lights and the others are shot with natural light.

Location: Madam Woo

Masterchef Josh Emett making Hawker rolls

Masterchef Josh Emett, madam woo,

Masterchef Josh Emett at madam woo with sarah kate lynch

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