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Wanaka Living Advertising Photography Shoot

I have shot for Wanaka Living for a long time and this shoot was about creating 4 Hero shots that showed different living spaces recreated in Nature with Wanaka living products.
The top one with the rug seemingly floating on water was made by building a table in plexiglas that could hold the weight of the arm chair and a separate one for the rug. We then had to wait for the perfect day with calm water and the right light to get the photo done. The forrest one was made by bringing in generators and an electrician to wire it the light up and waiting for the right light.

The “speaker”shot was made on ruby island and all furniture had to be taken out by boat and then carried for about 500 meters up a hill and set up so we could get the shot in morning light. The set up and getting furniture there probably took us 3 hours and the actual image was created in 10 minutes.

The bathtub is an old cast iron one so it took 4 people to get it in position and about an hour of keeping up the fire to get it warm enough to sit in, we timed it perfect and got a great sunset.
I used elinchrome gear and speed lights to light the products separately and then I made a composite of it in Photoshop to get each detail right.

The images has been used extensively in point of sale, as big backdrops in stores, magazines and marketing material worldwide.

2 of the images won Commercial IRIS Awards and one was in the top 10 of best advertising images the International Loupe Awards.

Advertising Photography,Product Photography, location photography

Product Photography, Advertising Photography,location photography

Product Photography, Advertising Photography,location photography

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